Customer Relationship Management



The Homemade CRM is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. We use it to intelligently inform your contacts and the users around you with information about your meals!


We have seen a 405% increase in sales since launching the CRM!


Sounds cool, so how does it work?

When you add contacts to your CRM we send them a text introducing the user to Homemade We let them know that we would like to contact them regarding your meals. This message looks like this:



We want your contacts to know about your meals, and give them a way to learn about Homemade so they have context about why we are messaging them. This will be the last message they see from us, until you schedule a meal. While they can unsubscribe at anytime, we have only seen about 5% do this.


Once you schedule, we will queue out a series of texts or emails, which will send various messages to your users to inform them about your meal a few days before and the day of.  Below are a few examples of the texts and emails we may send.



The CRM was designed to remove the tedious process of texting and emailing everyone individually. Leaving you to focus on perfecting your recipes, maximizing your time as a Homemade cook!



Why am I required to add 20 contacts?

At this time, we require our cooks add AT LEAST 20 contacts to their CRM because we have observed that most Homemade cooks start by selling directly to their network and growing out from there. In addition, we have seen a steady trend of eaters bringing new eaters to cooks, expanding their network in the process. The 20 contacts provides all Homemade cooks with a baseline to start from.


Can I customize the messaging?

Currently no, we have designed the messaging to work for all of our cooks. However we intend to allow customization in the future!


I don't want to spam my friends

Totally understandable concern. Through the process of onboarding,observing hundreds of cooks, selling thousands of meals, and observing trends, we have found that our most successful cooks started with their personal network and grew from there. Selling your first meal is the hardest part, and our intention is to make that as easy as possible using the CRM. And of course, they can unsubscribe at any time, just tell them we made you! 😉


What do you do with my contacts information?

All of the information that you import is used exclusively for you and is not shared. Phone numbers and email address are only used to contact users about your meals. Once a use signs up, they are given the option to receive additional contact events about other cooks in their area.