Pot de Cream by Cook Mimi


-2 egg yolks

-1/2 heavy cream

-1/4 cup sugar

-a pinch of salt

-4 ounces of chocolate (milk, dark, semi-sweet, etc)


-a dash of vanilla extract

-1 tbsp instant coffee


That makes about 4 little ramekins, which bake at 350 in a water bath for about 7 minutes.  Longer than 10 minutes and you'll have a grainy overcooked pot de creme, which albeit delicious is not what you want :) Bigger ramekins I find don't bake well, so while you may be tempted to make a big batch, stick with the little ones.  I used a big ramekin once and the outer portions were overcooked, while the center was still raw and runny. So it was a mix of grainy and runny pot de creme.  NOT what you want for Valentines! 

I love garnishing them with freshly whipped cream (with a dash of rum or bourbon) and some cocoa nibs.