Per Month 


Homemade Cook Membership*

The average Homemade cook will break even on the subscription cost after selling just 5 servings! Beyond that is pure profit!**


Homemade Membership Includes: 

·       Powerful Automated Customer Relations Management Tool                                                          Simply upload your contacts and we will handle the rest!

·       Simple Order Management                                                                                                                           Easily see who your customer is, what they are ordering, when they are coming, and more; all in one place

·       Simple Meal Hosting                                                                                                                                         Share one meal, or a dozen, we will host them all

·       Straightforward Scheduling                                                                                                                            You pick when you cook and when your customers should come by

·       Integrated Payment Processing                                                                                                                     No more third party services, our integrations make your life easy!

·       Robust Logistics Services                                                                                                                                Pickup? Delivery? We give you the tools to make it simple!

·       Connected Social Media Profiles                                                                                                                     Share your meals in no time flat!

·       Complete Onboarding Packet To Maximize Your Effectiveness.                                                         Whether this is you are an old pro, or this is a new adventure, we will teach you how to have        success!

·       Managed Reviews                                                                                                                                             Easily see what your customers are saying, so you can make your meals even better!

·       24 / 7 Customer Support                                                                                                                                  Have questions? We're just an email away


*Only applicable to verified cooks. Not yet a verified cook? Click here

** The average Homemade meal sells for $10. Operating at a 50% margin, a cook will recuperate the subscription fee in 5 servings.